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Rosko World Syndication and Party Productions!
1 (805) 495-6799 (Fax)
Or: Email us!

Listen to The Emperor Himself.

(.mp3 file, approx. 500 K)

After years as DJ to the stars, The Emperor Rosko has gone corporate and now is going public!

A party with The Emperor is an unforgettable experience. Your friends, family and business associates will be buzzing for years to come. Featuring:

You name the theme, sit back and have fun!

We'll bring the music from Rosko's fabulous stock of records and tapes, any theme, any era.

But most of all, you could be hiring


Rosko will keep the Music, Food, Fun and Festivities flowing!

We can even arrange transport for the guest who is temporarily navigationally disadvantaged. (There's always one!)

Just remember this simple number:

1 (805) 495-6799 (Fax)
Or: Email us!

In 1964 the BBC still did not permit (Heavens!) Rock 'n' Roll on their radio stations. An enterprising businessman bought an old freighter named "Mi Amigo", outfitted her with an amusing combination of radiophonic toys, and anchored her offshore just beyond the territorial limits of the U.K. "Radio Caroline" aimed their 35,000 watt signal toward London. But the best of Rock 'n' Roll also reverberated thru the sheer power of the unlicensed transmitter to all of Europe for years.

And the most exciting DJ on Radio Caroline was The Emperor Rosko.
was also well known to his fans on Radio Luxembourg, Radio Monte Carlo, Europe #1, RTB, etc. etc. The BBC finally got the message, and in 1968 formed Radio 1. From then on, Rock 'n' Roll resounded throughout the United Kingdom, and The Emperor had a new home, where He reigned until 1980.

Over the years Rosko built up an unparallelled record, tape, and CD collection. When he moved back Stateside he kept it and it grew.

The Emperor is one of the most popular DJs in Europe, but now He broadcasts and programs music from His own sound studio in Southern California. And between all that, Rosko runs

Rosko World Syndication and Party Productions!


Cable from Heart 100.7fm
"The latest RAJAR figures for Heart FM place The Rosko Show at the top of the pile for Sunday Night-time listening in the Midlands!"
Three cheers for The Emperor!!!


News Flash:
The Emperor has just been inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, USA!
All ye humble subjects are invited to visit this shrine to musical excellence!

News Flash:
Did you hear the Emperor on European Klassic Rock, a satellite radio show heard from London to Moscow, every Saturday at Noon? Rosko's California Connection was voted #1 in Eric Wiltshire's Satellite Media Magazine

Voice Overs

The premiere European voice of the 70s

The Emperor Rosko

is now available on ISDN. Instant gratification to producers and ad agencies guaranteed. For more information, Fax: 805-495-9799.

Due to Popular demand, a NEW Rosko CD will soon be available. Watch this space.

Future radio shows being discussed. The Emperor in "Spanglish" throughout South America. He invented "Franglais" when in France; why not "Spanglish" in South America!

Global shortwave broadcasts will start next month. Watch this space for times and frequencies.

Thanks for visiting.

Who ventures forth into our inner sanctum must reveal their bona fides to the Guardians of the Void. The Emperor so commands.


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